Full Rip 9.0

Full Rip 9.0   By Sandi Doughton


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Scientists have identified Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver as the urban centers of what will be the biggest earthquake—the Really Big One—in the continental United States. A quake will happen–in fact it’s actually overdue. The Cascadia subduction zone is 750 miles long, running along the Pacific coast from Northern California up to southern British Columbia. In this fascinating book, The Seattle Times science reporter Sandi Doughton introduces readers to the scientists who are dedicated to understanding the way the earth moves and describes what patterns can be identified and how prepared (or not) people are. With a 100% chance of a mega-quake hitting the Pacific Northwest, this fascinating book reports on the scientists who are trying to understand when, where, and just how big THE BIG ONE will be.


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  • Published on: 2013-06-11
  • Released on: 2013-06-11
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Editorial Reviews

“More than just a dire warning about the “big one”…[Full Rip 9.0] renders the remarkable story of how geologists and other scientists have pieced together evidence of an immense Northwest “megaquake”…[Full Rip 9.0] may make you a little jittery (and cause you to re-evaluate your family’s earthquake readiness), but it is a captivating read even as it challenges long-held assumptions — including the firmness of the ground under your feet.
The Seattle Times

“Written by Seattle Times science writer Sandi Doughton, the book is a hard, fast and compelling look at the potential impact The Big One might have on us, and it documents the detective work being done by researchers who are trying to nail down the shifting tectonic structures below. It’s recommended beach reading, as long as you know your tsunami evacuation route.”
Knute Berger, Seattle magazine

“‘Full Rip 9.0’ is a worthy addition to the small shelf of books about the greatest natural hazard facing the Pacific Northwest. Doughton balances the excitement of scientific discovery with the grave risks that recent findings have revealed. Every Oregonian should learn and heed this Cascadia story.
The Oregonian

“Full Rip is a short, alarming read. …the subject carries more than enough natural interest for Seattle residents that they’ll paw through this book feverishly.”
The Stranger

“…the most readable [Pacific Northwest earthquake] telling so far.”
The Portland Mercury

Seattle Times reporter Sandi Doughton draws the reader into in-depth science—science that says it’s a matter of if, not when, a big quake will strike—with vivid stories of the scientists behind the data. …From the schools that will be shaken to the leaky tanks and Columbia Generating Station nuclear plant at Hanford that will feel the earth move, Full Rip 9.0 is terrifying in its implications, yet an entertaining summer read.”
Eugene Weekly

“Restocking my family’s emergency preparedness kit zoomed to the top of my to-do list this week, after I read ‘Full Rip 9.0.’ Seattle science reporter Sandi Doughton has written this alarming assessment of our region’s seismic activity throughout history and uses the latest scientific research to speculate on what we might expect in the future.”
The Bellingham Herald

Full Rip 9.0 by Sandi Doughton is a compelling story about historic mega earthquakes along the Pacific Coast from northern California to southern British Columbia.”
The Christian Science Monitor

“Doughton’s story focuses on the geological record and its implications for the Northwest. Does the region face an offshore mega-quake and tsunami on the scale of Japan’s 3/11/11 event that will kill thousands and devastate the economy, or a series of magnitude 8 offshore quake and tsunami events that will cumulatively be nearly as devastating?”
The SunBreak

“In this fascinating book, The Seattle Times science reporter Sandi Doughton introduces readers to the scientists who are dedicated to understanding the way the earth moves and describes what patterns can be identified and how prepared (or not) people are. With a 100% chance of a mega-quake hitting the Pacific Northwest, this fascinating book reports on the scientists who are trying to understand when, where, and just how big THE BIG ONE will be… If you live in this region, you should read this book!”
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About the Author
Sandi Doughton writes about science for The Seattle Times and has been a journalist for 20 years covering environment, science, health, and medicine. She lives in Seattle.

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Customer Reviews

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5Sandi Doughton; Paul Revere of the NW! A Most Excellent Read
By Talkdtwo
Sandi Doughton is like the Paul Revere of the NW warning us about a very real and present danger. In Full Rip 9.0 we are being given data that allows us to make informed decisions. This book is a must-read for every household in the NW.

Although I have science degrees coming out of my ears, I am usually bored silly reading non-fiction. Sandi Doughton’s book is very well written, easily readable, and scientifically sound. I can’t put it down.

I’ve followed earthquake activity for the last decade and am on the USGS site daily. We’ve been privileged to have the ears of emergency management professionals that started talking about this subject back in ’95. Still, I always believed I knew and understood just enough to be dangerous. Because of Full Rip 9.0, I feel like a person who is legally blind that has been given a pair of glasses that allows them to see clearly. I get it!

Back in ’95, we asked the professionals we talked with why the information they were telling us wasn’t public knowledge. Among other reasons, they said that they didn’t want the public to panic but that when we begin to hear about it spoken openly in the media, we’ll know that the officials are beginning to sweat. This week, the news said, “This isn’t and “if” it’s a “when”.” Still, people are not listening and have lulled themselves into a false sense of security.

The Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission wrote a long report that was recently reported upon in our news. The bottom line was, “Oregonians as individuals are underprepared.” Even with our limited knowledge, for the last seven years, we have worked diligently to get our church and friends to have 72 hour packs for their cars (ours are 2 week’ers), and at least a two month supply of food and water at home. Though a few have listened, most have not done so.

News articles said, “In Portland and the Willamette Valley, water and sewer would be out for a month to a year and electricity a month to three months. Most businesses would shutter after two weeks to a month because of the outage. On the coast, those utilities could be out for a year or several years, the study found.”

Several years.

Think of that. Much of the NW would be catapulted back to the early 1800’s! This is a very real threat. I will absolutely be spreading the word about this work.

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5Earth-shaking tales about the quake to come
By Skip Card
Sandi Doughton’s excellent “Full Rip 9.0” offers an eye-opening description of the massive earthquake scientists agree will someday wreak havoc on coastal cities in the Pacific Northwest. But it’s far from a dry scientific warning of what’s to come. Using her superb storytelling skills, Doughton vividly describes the dramatic evolution of discoveries that led seismic experts (who once thought the Northwest was a seismic quiet zone) to realize the region sits atop a complicated powder keg of plate tectonics. “Full Rip 9.0” also offers a look at the outsized personalities of the scientists (from a wide array of fields) who pieced together this geologic puzzle. It’s a great read — although I wouldn’t make it your summer beach book, unless you already have a tsunami evacuation plan.

8 of 8 people found the following review helpful.
5Reads like a good mystery
By SandraSci
Sandi Doughton doesn’t use dry statistics to explain the discoveries since the 1980s that have revealed the devastating scale of past Pacific Northwest quakes and tsunamis. She’s written much of the book like a mystery novel.
For example, chapter five about the elusive Seattle Fault begins with hints of all Doughton will delve into: “The story of what is now called the Seattle Fault began in the 1960s with a refugee from behind the Iron Curtain and a bunch of high school students. Decades later, scientists followed a trail of clues from the Olympic Mountains to a sewage plant on Puget Sound and an eerie, underwater forest in Lake Washington. . .Then in 1985, the once-obscure fault offered a tiny taste of what’s to come. . .”
The “what’s to come” portions will make you downright jittery. (It promoted me to check my emergency supplies. Water? Check. Food? Check. Gin? Check.)
Hiking this morning along a Whidbey Island beach, I found myself taking a few moments to scout the best way to higher ground if there’d been shaking. Doughton wrote that experts say you shouldn’t wait for some kind of official tsunami evacuation warning. If you feel the earth quake, head for higher ground.
Then she includes one of many glimpses of the personalities of the people she interviewed, something that makes the book especially readable. No-nonsense hazards expert Patrick Corcoran says, “If you want to sit around and argue about it, go right ahead. I just hope you haven’t bred yet and you’re out of the gene pool.”

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