Seattle Mini Maker Faire “Best Maker Booth” Award

The Seattle Mini Maker Faire awarded the “Best Maker Booth” to The Shall Walk at the end of the show after hearing from the crowds and judging based on the spirit of what it is to be a Maker.

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So many of the crowds of people who attended this years Mini Maker Faire in the Seattle Center Northwest Rooms had a chance to pretend they were a physical therapist and sit in the control seat or “drivers seat” and control the LIFESUIT.  This display was made specifically with the Maker Faire crowd in mind.  At the booth a prospective maker or member of the public at large could sit down in a chair that was outfitted with an exoskeleton telemetry suit.  The operator would act like the physical therapist who would be working with a paralyzed patient so they could teach them to walk again with the assistance of the LIFESUIT powered exoskeleton.

The Therapist telemetry suit (TS) controlled the Exoskeleton powered suit (PS).  When the volunteer who was sitting in the telemetry suit chair would move his or her knee the powered exoskeleton would move a manikins’ leg that was representing the paralyzed patient.

This display was built to allow people to try out the technology that makes the original therapy exoskeleton (the LIFESUIT) so unique compared to other therapy exoskeletons that have mimicked and emulated the LIFESUIT since it’s creation in 1986.  The therapist can teach the paralyzed person and the LIFESUIT how to walk, exercise and even dance in real time, all while the system is recording every move.  The recording are kept in a library that the patient can call up anytime when they want to walk or exercise.

Eventually there will be a library of thousands of recordings.   Using the new Microsoft Cloud or other internet based clouds these recording can be shared by millions of people so they will have all the freedom of movement and exercise with the assistance of the powered exoskeleton called the LIFESUIT.  There are many exoskeletons that are now being modified to do the work of the LIFESUIT, a LIFESUIT by any other name is a LIFESUIT.

If you did not get a chance to see the display and try it out at the Mini Maker Faire Seattle you can schedule a time to attend a lab tour at the Seattle facility and try it out.

The next Cruise the Ave will be May 5, 2013 @Sears Plaza.
The next Cruise the Ave will be May 5, 2013 @Sears Plaza.
Join us for the Cruise the Ave Car show that benefits They Shall Walk
A major sponsor dropped out last week and did not write a check for $2000 causing us to cancel or postpone the car show.
After refunding over $400 in registration fees there was a storm of phone calls and emails from people who said they would come if we reactivated the event.

The confusion out there tells people the event was postponed or cancelled, well…. it was and it is back on again.

Brown Paper Tickets Ticket Widget Loading…Click Hereto visit the Brown Paper Tickets event page. 



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Come to this car show opener and bring your car so everyone else can see it.

Without a major sponsor we really need people to pick up the phones and call family and friends to show up.
If you would like to make donations it would be helpful. The event was originally set up as a fund raiser for this local charity
to give the gift of walking. They Shall Walk has pioneered the technology that allows paralyzed people to walk.

Join us. You can register online at


SCI Forum Second Tuesday in Seattle at the UW

Announcing the next SCI Forum:  Share the link

When:         Tuesday, October 9, from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Where:       South Campus Center, Room 316

                      University of Washington

                      1601 NE Columbia Rd., Seattle, WA 98195

For directions, go to

Topic:          Everybody’s Doing It! Aging with a Spinal Cord Injury

People with SCI are living longer after injury than ever before. Consequently, they can now expect to live long enough to develop the same kinds of age-related health problems that affect the general population. Are there special concerns about aging with a spinal cord injury, and what can individuals with SCI do to age well and stay as healthy as possible? Learn from the “experts”—a panel of individuals who have been injured for 25, 30 and more years—who will discuss their experiences, lessons learned, and how they cope with age-related problems.


For more information, please visit the SCI Forum website:


FREE PARKING: Pay cash ($6) at the gate house before you enter the S1 garage, and we will give you a coupon for a full refund when exiting the garage. (Refund available at the gate house until 9:00 pm.) Directions at


Download the printable flyer:


Follow the Northwest Regional Spinal Cord Injury System on Facebook and Twitter!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
Cynthia Salzman, MHA
Public Information Specialist
Northwest Regional Spinal Cord Injury System
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
University of Washington, Box 356490, Seattle, WA 98195
Phone: 206-685-3999; Fax: 206-685-3244; Email: [email protected]

Mike’s Dogz: Proud Sponsor of They Shall Walk

Mike’s Dogz: Proud Sponsor of They Shall Walk

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Get your Chicago style beef and polish hot dogs.  Mike has had his hot dog stand or booth at most of the car shows around the North West and he is a fixture in the car club and car show community.  People see Mike’s Dogz and they think to themselves “Where is the car show?”  and a lot of the car show regulars see the car show and think to themselves “Where is Mike’s Dogz?”

You will find Mike’s Dogz at the They Shall Walk and Roll athon  /  They Shall Walk Car Show:  Mike’s Dogz will be there.  He makes a donation based on how many Dogz he sells and how great sales are so… buy and eat Mike’s Dogz at the event.  Get your tickets now  Online

Mike’s Dogz


Shoreline Farmers Market

The Shoreline Farmers Market is a place to go for fresh produce, local coffee, ice cream, soap, arts, crafts and to find out what is going on in the neighborhood.  They Shall Walk has a regular booth at the Shoreline Farmers Market every Saturday to promote the upcoming : They Shall Walk and Roll athon and the They Shall Walk Car Show that is held at the Shoreline Sears in the upper parking lot the first weekend of October and May.

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The Shoreline Farmers Market is the official registration site for the: They Shall Walk Car Show and the They Shall Walk and Roll Athon

Over 2000 people attend the event to see the latest research that is being done with They Shall Walk in the Seattle and facility.  Student Ambasadors and Interns join volunteers, sponsors and fans from the community to celebrate the achievements of the past year and have a good time.  Celebrating Shoreline continues in the Fall and the Spring at these events.

For many of the car lovers it is the opening of the car show season and the closing event.  “I take my car out of the garage for the They Shall Walk car show in May and put it away after the October event at the Sears” says Andre M. (one of the car collectors)

One of the favorites with the kid in all of us: Social Ice Cream, Seattle, Homemade ice cream using local ingredients  contact Tracy @  [email protected]

My introduction to Social Ice Cream was the “Bean City Ice Cream” made with chocolate and coffee from Bean City Coffee.  I did not believe Bean City Coffee could taste any better than it does in a cup hot.  I was ‘schooled’ when I took a lick of that ice cream.  MMM.

Bean City Coffee Co, Seattle, Locally roasted coffee

Tim makes a mean cup of joe and he has great conversation with everyone while he pours.  My favorite drink is the ‘Seattle O”  AKA “Shot in the dark” where a cup of drip coffee has a couple of shots of espresso added to it.  This to me is the absolute best test for a great cup of coffee.  If the coffee is good enough to drink straight, black with nothing else in it, it is good coffee.  I will occasionally have a triple tall hazelnut latte but my all time favorite is the ‘Seattle O’.  Bean City Coffee is soo amazing that it passes a test that most coffees just can not do…  A cup full of straight shots of espresso.  That’s right the “Full Monty” drink is 12 ounces of espresso shots.  It takes me back to the first time I had real espresso made by an Italian man in his basement.  He had a full Italian Coffee bar set up with this old shiny machine that looked like a lemon press with a big handle on it.  As he pulled the handle down I watched the creamy dark brown espresso pour into the cups.   That was the real thing and as many of my friends would say “Now that’s Italian”.

If you love coffee, I mean Really LOVE it you should ask Tim for the “Full Monty” a cup full of espresso shots.  You will see it is one of the best cups of coffee in the land.


Alm Hill Gardens/Growing Washington, WhatcomOrganic veggies, herbs, berries, flowers

Alvarez Organics, Yakima, Organic Produce, various peppers, corn, specialty items

Biringer Farm, Arlington, Various Berries

Chue Ge Garden, Woodinville, Fresh cut flowers, veggies

Hayton’s Organics, Skagit Valley, Organic strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

Martin Family Orchard, Orondo, Cherries, apricots, peaches, apples, pears, others

P & K Garden, Monroe, Fresh cut flowers, veggies

Seattle Honey, Carnation, Local raw honey

Tonnemaker Hill Organic Farm, Royal City, Organic fruits, melons, veggies

Van Vuren Farm, Carnation, Free range eggs, veggies, specialty veggies

Whitehorse Meadows Farm, Arlington, Organic blueberries

Baked Goods:

Delicately Sweet Confections, Bothell, A variety of sweet treats using local and organic ingredients, gluten free options including; cupcakes, crisps, cobblers

Grateful Bread, Seattle, Baked goods using local and organic ingredients including; breads, muffins, rolls, cookies, croissants.

Kitchen Goddess, Seattle, Take and bake vegan muffins

Butter and Love, Seattle

Dairy and Ice Cream:

Golden Glen Creamery, Skagit, Cheeses, butters, creme fraiche, fromage blanc

Social Ice Cream, Seattle, Homemade ice cream using local ingredients  contact Tracy @  [email protected]


Baron Farms, Wapato, grass fed beef, pastured pork, grazed eggs and poultry

Naknek Seafood, Shoreline, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Smoked Salmon

Cooked Food:

Patty Pan, Seattle, Tamales, grilled veggies, quesadillas, lemonade, iced tea

Jersey’s Great Food and Spirits, Shoreline

Caravan Crepes, Seattle, Crepes of all kinds, juices, coffee


Bean City Coffee Co, Seattle, Locally roasted coffee


Piccola Cellars,  Washington wines in eco-friendly packaging Wine Totes and Refillables bottles, offering varietals Pinot Gris, Merlot, Bordeaux, Syrah, Chardonnay, Riesling.

Value Added

Aldrich Farms, WA, Mustards, Jams, Sauces, Lemonade

Four Sisters Gourmet Sauces, Burien, Hot sauces using organic ingredients sourced from Alvarez Organics, Tonnemaker Farms, etc

Purdy Pickles, WA, Pickled Everything!

A Bit O’ Brittle, Shoreline, 9 locally made brittle varieties

For Our Furry Friends

Assembly of Dog Inc., Shoreline, Organic treats and food for domestic animals

One Dog At a Time, Shoreline, Dog training and walking services

Crafts, Other (Rotating Days, Please see weekly calendar for availability!)

PNW Soaps

Bs Textiles, Mukilteo, Reuseable snack, sandwich, and market bags

Dorris’ Darlings, Lynnwood, Birdhouses, various garden accents

J Project Clothing, Seattle, Reclaimed clothing and accessories

Luna Azul, Clothing for Kids and Adults, Shoreline

Diggit, Gardening Tools, Seattle

RE.M accessories, Shoreline, locally made hair ties, other accessories

Super Dan’s Woodwork, Shoreline, cutting boards, coasters, other hand crafted wood products


Local Organizations  (Rotating Days, Please see weekly calendar for availability!

City of Shoreline, Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods, Diggin Shoreline, Master Gardeners of Washington, Kruckeberg Gardens, Hopelink, Shoreline Solar, Shoreline Area News, Shoreline Patch, Sound Transit, Shoreline Historic Museum, Cascade Cactus, Mountlake Terrace Preschool Co-op, and others…

Official Registration Site at Shoreline Farmers Market

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Every Saturday leading up to the October 7, 2012 They Shall Walk & Rollaton Festival  you can now drop by the Farmers Market in Shoreline from 10am-3pm and register for the festival.  You can walk for $20, Roll for $20 in a wheelchair, bike, skates, and even bring a vehicle to the car show that is not limited to cars anymore.   All categories of vehicles are welcome at the unlimited show.

drop by the Shoreline Farmers Market booth.

Photos can be seen at 

They new partnership with the Farmers Market and They Shall Walk sets up a booth for They Shall Walk at the market, and the Farmers Market gets a booth at the Walk and Roll athon event in October 2012 and May 2013.  Many of the vendors from the farmers market will join us at the Shoreline Sears on Sunday October 7, 2012.

If you are looking for a chance to work with They Shall Walk there are openings for volunteers who want to work the booth at the Farmers market too.


You will be able to sample some of the Food Life items at the farmers market too.    more details at



LIFESUIT Kinect Demonstration at Microsoft April 5 2012  tell anyone you know at Microsoft that they can drop by building 33 on Thursday to see the LIFESUIT      (   short link       )

Kinect to replace the TS or telemetry suit

We have been working hard to add the Microsoft Kinect to the list of HIT (Human Interface Technology) devices that are able to control the LIFESUIT robotic exoskeleton.

LIFESUIT eight LS8 electrogoniometer

In it’s current configuration the LIFESUIT therapy model is set up to be trained or taught to move with a hard wired solid telemetry suite or TS.  We have built several version of the TS that include plastic, metal, fabric and more.  The first one that I showed to Dr Steve Steins was in 2003 when he first visited our research lab at the community college (North Seattle Community College aka NSCC)  “you have built an electrogoniometer” he exclaimed as I walked around the lab.  I asked him to repeat it so I could write down the name of the device that I had built.

In the old days that was part of LIFESUIT prototype eight LS8.  That model used electric actuators and linear trim pots (potentiometers) as sensors.  When I walked around the lab with the LS8 wired up to the PC the ‘debug’ screen showed an output of several columns of numbers.

As I took steps the basic stamp microcontroller put the numbers on the screen of the pc.  These are called gait recordings.  The way the LIFESUIT is set up to work is that these gait recordings are stored in a gait library.  When the LIFESUIT pilot is ready to walk and roll in the LIFESUIT they just push on the joystick and the computer “plays” the gait recordings back.

With the Kinect we will be able to offer a simple version of the HIT that allows PT (Physical Therapists) to stand in front of the Xbox Kinect and the device would record their motions.  The LIFESUIT therapy system would be able to mimic the PT movements by powering the LIFESUIT that the paralyzed person is strapped into.

If you work at Microsoft your volunteer time and donations will be matched to double your efforts and money.

We were part of the Abilities conference on April 5, 2012  at building 33 where people were able to see the LIFESUIT demonstration.

They Shall Walk with a Kinect and a LIFEUSIT

Almost two dozen non profit organizations were represented including:



Terentino’s Catering takes care of They Shall Walk and guests.

Terentino’s Catering, near 21st Ave W, Seattle, WA 98199  (Shortlink

Terentino’s Catered our first Art Auction, WOW and I mean WWWOOOWWW!!!  The food was amazing.  The apitizer was like a little heaven on earth.  It was Cold Hors d’oeuvres  they called it the “Greek Trio” and what was in it was; Red Pepper Hummus, Babaganosh, and Basil Feta, Served with Toasted Pita and they only charged $2.25 per person.  The food was ready in a flash even though the venue did not have a kitchen.  It was amazing to see the crew from Terentino’s show up, set up, serve, clean up, and pack up.  It reminded me of some of the military operations I saw while I was serving with the US Army Rangers at Fort Lewis.  Very professional and very delicious.

The main course was so beautiful that most people did not want to disturb the artistic display on their plate.  It was an art auction and the art was on every plate. When people dug into the meal you could see faces light up with surprise and amazement.

Provincial Tarragon Chicken w/Stone-Ground Mustard Sauce
sides: Fresh Greens w/Radishes & Lemon Vinaigrette
Grilled Green Beans w/Feta Cheese & Walnuts
Assorted Fresh Breads   $21.50 per person plus tax
Even the bread was hot enough to melt the butter, and it was real butter.  If you want a great caterer this is it.  Check out the menu

When we had our first golf tournament we had snow and wow what a day on the golf course that was.  People had to dig trenches on the putting green to get the ball to go into the hole.  Only two foursomes went home early.    Jackson Park Golf Club hosted a great tournament at a resonable price.  The Rotary Club of Shoreline sent volunteers, the Shoreline Jaycees sent volunteers, North Seattle Community College sent volunteers from the golf team, and we had 72 players registered.  The Shotgun Start allowed us to place a foursome on each hole; one through eighteen so everyone could start at the same time.

At the end of the tournament I was approached by an artist who suggested he put on an auction for us.  The result was the first Art Auction so They Shall Walk…  More about that later.  The point of this blog is that if you are looking for amazing food at the right price, this is the place to get it.

More about the golf tournament…..

Four! Let's Play Golf

We had hole sponsors, cart sponsors, a hole in one sponsor, and a marshmallow driving contest sponsor.  The hole sponsors got their company logo and website on a sign at each of the holes that they sponsored.

HOLE Sponsors: One sign was placed at the tee box and another near the green so the golfers would see who sponsored each of the holes.  In addition the hole sponsors were featured on the tri-fold brochure, the tournament posters and on the website.

CART Sponsors: Two signs were placed on each of the carts they sponsors.  The first sign was on the front window of the cart and it was double sided so each of the riders in the cart could see the sponsors logo, website and a special offer for the players.  By offering a special offer the sponsors get the players to come into the store or visit the website depending on where the sponsor wanted to drive traffic.   One of our best cart sponsors was the that had a special discount for the players.

Massage envy sponsored the golf towels and provided free massage all during the registration period, the tournament, the silent auction and prize session at the end.  Each player that registered got a golf towel for wiping off the ball, club and hands.  There was a goody bag too that many of our sponsors gave 75-100 items for us to put in all the players bags and items for the silent auction.  Massage envy also offered a couple of massage certificates that we were able to combine with a great chef for an in home dinner and massage for two package.

Jackson Park Golf Club‎
1000 Northeast 135th Street
Seattle, WA 98125   (206) 838-4653‎

for Freeze Dried food go to 

Register for the They Shall Walk & Roll a thon Sunday May 6 from 1-4pm.

Click  to register for the Walk and Rollathon event on May 6 to raise money and awareness for They Shall Walk.  You can walk, or roll with your wheelchair, bike, skates, scooter, or even your car. (Shortlink )

Last May we had 70 cars at the car show and a lot of people to support the event.  Participants walked and rolled while others looked at the cars and participated in judging all of the different categories of collectible cars.   Vendors galore made the event a lot of fun; Blu Cafe, Diva Espresso, Miche Bag purses, Cookie Lee Jewelry, Ford, Groovy Impressions, Barefoot Promotions, Club Hollywood, Sears Tools, Tupperware, Special Occasions Catering, Rotary Club of Shoreline, Knights of Columbus (did pancake breakfast and hot dogs), McDonalds, Shoreline Community College.

There was a great swap meet called the “Shoreline Rotary Rummage Ramble” where some folks reported buying “great Italian boots” and a “decent bike” for for “five bucks”.  This next event on May 6 will include garages from three Rotary Clubs so the booty should be much more and still great deals.


The car show component has developed into quite an event all on its own as part of the Walk & Roll a thon.




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