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You will receive a sample package of Thrive Life foods that includes: corn, yogurt, pineapple, chicken salad and a catalog. $9 each

($3.20 from each order goes to They Shall Walk to help give the gift of walking.)

You will want to watch this video when you get your package    “Open Your Party By Mail”   We will be sending you samples of Thrive Life food. You will love this NON GMO, healthy, organic, amazing food.
Eat the corn, yogurt and pineapple while the chicken salad is soaking. The chicken salad is “NO Cook Chicken Salad” because the meats are all cooked and all you need to do is add water, mix five times during a twenty minute wait and then add mayo.

This is a fund raiser for They Shall Walk and only 312500 sample packages need to be sold to give the gift of walking, so please tell your family and friends to order two samples today.  One million dollars in matching gifts are available so the $3.20 will bring in $1 million dollars and the matching gifts will bring it to $2 million. Paralyzed people everywhere will have the ability to learn to walk for FREE.

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Snackies so They Shall Walk

Food Fundraiser continues.  Thanks to our sponsor Thrive Life and www.FoodLife4u.com all you need to do is buy food and it will help us give the gift of walking.   http://www.foodlife.thrivelife.com/snackies.html
Coconut Bites + $2.00
Fuji Apples
Green Peas
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Pineapple + $2.00
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Beet Fruit Crisps + $2.00
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Sweet Corn
Vanilla Yogurt Bites

Sprouts to Feed your family

Food Fund Raiser so They Shall Walk: Buy food and give the gift of walking.

Shelf Reliance
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THRIVE Foods Food Rotation Systems Emergency Kits & Supplies



How Does Your Garden Grow?

Get your garden growing with our brand-new seed and sprouting kits. Order today to start growing your own delicious sprouts, fruits, and vegetables!

Sprouting Kit & Refill

This kit comes with everything you need to grow your own sprouts in just 1­–2 weeks, including a growing guide, six 4 oz. sprout seed mixes, and tools for 3 different sprouting methods. The refill kit includes ½ lb. pouches of each of the sprout seed mixes.

Thrive Life Sprouting Kit

Q Club $67.99
Online $69.99
Retail $89.99


Thrive Life Sprouting Refill Kit
Q Club $67.99
Online $69.99
Retail $89.99


Fruit and Vegetable SeedsOur Melon and Garden Vegetable seed kits include seeds and growing guides to help you grow tasty fresh fruits and veggies in your garden! The seeds are 100% non-hybrid, non-GMO varieties that can be stored for 4–5 years.
Thrive Life Melon Seeds
Q Club $36.99
Online $38.99
Retail $46.99


Thrive Life Vegetable Seeds
Q Club $46.99
Online $48.99
Retail $55.99


shop by region: CA PR HI AK

See kit contents

The Q - Simplify life with monthly food delivery

Q Club prices are only applicable to Home Party customers who have a Q. Please log in to your account for the pricing information that is applicable to you. These products are available in different sizes. Please go to the individual product pages for additional pricing information. Not all products are available in Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Japan.




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It is that easy.  Sprouts is one of the fastest ways to get live enzymes to your family.  1-2 weeks from begging to eating.  Share this with your friends.





Eat Food So They Shall Walk

Eat Food So THEY SHALL WALK.org  www.TheyShallWalk.org  (share on Facebook http://www.theyshallwalk.org/?p=2294)
is having an ongoing food fund raiser where all you need to do is buy food and they send 10-20% of your purchase to support our research.  Just follow the links to support our work.You should have received a password.
Click here to shop online at THRIVE Life.   Get a group of your friends together and I will come teach a cooking class with food storage.  Great fun and you will earn some free stuff.Here is the information we promised.
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If you have any questions or want to place an order, you can contact us directly, Monty and Stacy.  We look forward to helping you and your family meet your preparedness needs.If you know someone, such as a family member or a friend, who would benefit from the information provided, feel free to forward or share this email.

Water Kit w .1 micron  $117.68
Includes: water filter, bucket, gama lid, & 2 waterbricks

The Compensation Plan for consultants can be seen here.

Invite your friends to your home and we will come do a food storage cooking class so you all can learn how to cook with freeze dried foods.

We appreciate your confidence and continued support of They Shall Walk www.TheyShallWalk.org

Warm regards,
Stacy & Monty Reed
Stacy (206)250-5706       Monty (206)250-5639
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There is no downside in being prepared
Adult Family Home and Long Term Care Disaster Prep Plan






Consulting is Booming…Join us at one of these $3 cooking classes
If the short course is not enough for you consider spending part of the day learning to become a Thrive Chef for
$49+$5 food fee Register online for this classhttps://continuinged.northseattle.edu/courses/eat-astronaut-cooking-freeze-dried-food  

Have an Emergency Preparedness Meeting: National Preparedness Month

Today I had a chance to talk to staff members at a major hospital, a massage school, a hardware warehouse, an airport, a restaurant and a real estate office with a hundred agents.  What did they all have in common? they were scheduling an Emergency Preparedness meeting.  Everyone needs an emergency preparedness meeting a couple of times a year and some companies have never had one.

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Get an Emergency Preparedness Meeting (EPM) 
Would you like a demonstration on emergency preparedness given to you and your staff?
We have a 45 minute presentation that will:
  • Educate you about the hazards in your area
  • Empower you by learning how to respond to different threats
  • Enable you to protectyourself and provide for your staff and their families.
Many at the corporate level are taking steps to make a plan to meet the needs of their employees, they are providing education, tools and supplies for staff members and their families.
We have an excellent program that can help you and your staff in the event of any emergency.
Our 45 min presentation is free to you and your staff.
  We will provide information on ways to prepare both at the work environment as well at home.
EPM Appointment.wmv
EPM Appointment.wmv
Warm regards
Monty K Reed  (206) 250-5639  and Stacy Reed (206) 250-5706 [email protected]
PS. Can’t wait to have a Meeting and you are ready to put a kit together? Use this Free online tool

What should you do in the event of an emergency?

In an earthquake should you:

A.  Get under something sturdy

B.  Get in the door way

C.  Run

When I was a kid we were trained to get in the doorway or under something.  After a few decades of studying the results of this training what the experts found out, was that people were being smashed by doors in earthquakes because they were in the doorway.  Smashed fingers, door knobs in the temple etc.. has lead experts to change the advice and the answer to the multiple choice question is

A. Get under something sturdy.

Many people just do not know what to do to get started and so they never get started.  I advise you to get a 2 minute “keep me alive bag” so you have at least begun.  Take a gallon size zip lock bag, add band-aids and any prescription medicine you need, goto the pantry and add peanut butter, crackers and water.  Now put this bag under the seat in your car so you can reach it in the event you are pinned in your car and you can not move, you will be able to stay alive.  A little more effort and you can put together something like the Grab and go bag pictured below.

This is an example of a 3 day kit for 2 people.  It can be used by one person for six days also.



National Emergency Preparedness Month:Water part 1.

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Water is the most important emergency supply there is.  A few years ago I was at a body building conference and got my picture taken with Lou Ferrigno http://louferrigno.com/   He was on a panel with a lot of fitness people and they were all asked

“what is the most important supplement for nutrition?”   Many of the trainers, coaches and authors had their favorite vitamin, powder, potion etc.  but Lou Ferrigno had the BEST answer….. “Water”  drink a half gallon to a gallon of water a day depending on how aggressive your workout is.  Everyone was blown away by his answer.  It just made too much sense.

Thanks Lou.

When it comes to emergency supplies WATER is the most important.

If you run out of clean water and all you have is “found” water you want to make sure it is safe before you drink it.  To be sure you have flitration that is portable you want to include in your Car bug out bag, your office bug out bag and your home kit a portable straw that will filter up to 20-25 gallons of water and is very small and light weight.  There are a couple of straws that I like in the $16 price range.  One is the Seychelle Water Filtration Staw http://www.foodlife.shelfreliance.com/seychelle-water-filtration-straw.html

The Seychelle Pure Water Straw with Advanced filter is a technological breakthrough in water filtration for people on the go – anywhere, anytime!

Compact, easy to use and truly versatile in its attractive carrying case, the Pure Water Straw is like a miniature bottled water plant.

It’s ideal for traveling; in your purse, pocket, backpack, luggage, and car or for emergency preparedness. Every family should have several placed throughout the house; in backpacks, in car trunks or glove compartments!

The Pure Water Straw is a sure way of safeguarding the water you drink anywhere you go and best of all its 25-gallon capacity is equal to about 189 half liters of bottled water, providing great-tasting clean water at a fraction of the cost. Never leave home without it!

Key Features:

  • Up to 25-gallon filter life.
  • Now with BIOSAFE®, removes up to 99.99% of bacteria, virus, contaminants and pollutants found in drinking water including Guardia, Cryptosporidium, and E-Coli Bacteria.
  • Proven effective against bacteria and virus to six logs reduction (99.9999%).
  • Waterproof carrying case.
  • Ideal for everyday use and disaster preparedness.
  • Ultra light and compact.
  • Non-toxic BPA free materials.
  • Tested by Independent laboratories using EPA /ANSI protocols and NSF Standards 42 and 53.
  • Costs less than bottled water.

The other portable filter straw I like is the Frontier Water Filter.   http://www.foodlife.shelfreliance.com/frontier-water-filter.html

This lightweight, easy-to-use water filter is a perfect addition to your emergency kit. One unit will filter up to 20 gallons of water. Tests indicate that the Frontier Filter will remove 99.9% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia as well as other waterborne pathogens. The Frontier Water Filter is also easy to operate –  just attach and expand the straw, submerge the filter end into the water source, and drink through the straw.  Use the Frontier Emergency Water Filter System to drink from any bottle, cup, or directly from water sources.



  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Automatically purifies water
  • One unit filters up to 20 gallons
  • Removes 99.9&% of waterborne pathogens


Earthquakes Hit China: 80 Dead

According to the BBC article   Shortlink http://www.theyshallwalk.org/?p=1704  7 September 2012

Earthquakes shake south-west China’s Yunnan

“A series of earthquakes have hit south-west China, leaving at least 80 people dead and damaging more than 20,000 houses, state-run media say”  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-19515445

basic kit to survive the minutes, hours and days that come after an earthquake.

The quakes struck the border of Yunnan and Guizhou provinces, with the largest felt at 11:19 Beijing time (03:19 GMT), Xinhua news agency said.

The US Geological Survey registered the two strongest of the series of quakes at 5.6 magnitude.

Yunnan’s Yiliang county seemed to have been the worst hit, reports say.

Local officials said that teams have been sent to distribute tents and blankets to those affected.

An official from Guizhou told the Agence-France Presse news agency by phone that no deaths were reported in the province.

Users of the Twitter-like weibo reported people rushing out of shaking office buildings.


More on Preparing to survive an earthquake.

Vigilance Supreme  – 1 person kit   To build your own earthquake survival kit you will want a sturdy back pack and add to it:

* Bright Sticks  (2)
* Heavy Duty Flashlight
* Metal Whistle
* First aid and CPR booklet
* First aid Kit
* Dust Mask N95
* Survival Handbook
* Work Gloves
* Toothpaste
* Generic Hand Sanitizer
* Go Towel
* Tissue pack
* Toilet Paper
* Toothbrush
* Wet Naps (3 packs)
* Pocket knife
* Tri Fold Shovel
* Waterproof Pouch
* 10 yard Duct Tape
* Rope
* Backpack
* AAA Batteries (2)
* D Batteries (2)
* Note Pad
* Pencil
* 2400 Calorie Bar (2)
* Aqua Blox Water (9)
* Five Piece Mess Kit
* Frontier Water Filter
* Knife, Fork & Spoon Set
* Heat Pack (3)
* Waterproof Matches
* Emergency Thermal Sleeping Bag
* Plastic Drop Cloth
* Poncho
* Tube Tent
* AM/FM Radio


More on This Story

Update 11PM Pacific Time Friday September 7, 2012

Wall Street Journal


BEIJING—At least 80 people were killed and more than 700 were injured after several earthquakes, the largest measuring magnitude 5.7, struck southwestern China on Friday, according to local authorities and state media.

The earthquake’s damage was heaviest in rural Yiliang county, in a mountainous northeastern part of Yunnan province, near the border with neighboring Guizhou province.

Agence France-Presse/Getty ImagesTwo buses make their way across a road full of fallen rocks after a series of earthquakes near Zhaotong municipality at the border of southwest China’s Yunnan and Guizhou provinces.

At least one elementary school collapsed in the earthquake, local authorities said, and rescue missions were under way. Authorities said it wasn’t clear whether any students had been killed in the quake.

The earthquakes rekindled memories of the 2008 earthquake in Yunnan’s neighboring Sichuan province, which left more than 80,000 people dead. Thousands of students then were killed after shoddily built schools collapsed, sparking nationwide outrage toward the government over lax building standards.

Rural Yunnan and Guizhou are among China’s poorer regions, and heavily populated by non-Han Chinese ethnic minority groups, such as the Yi and Hui people.

Zhou Hongpeng/Xinhua/Zuma PressRescue workers strained to move a rock out of a road in Luozehe.

In Yunnan, the civil affairs department said the quakes had destroyed some 6,650 houses and had damaged 430,000 others. More than 100,000 residents were evacuated and 100,000 others are in need of relocation, the civil department said.

Officials in Guizhou province said nearly 28,000 people were affected by the quakes, with 18 houses toppled and more than 10,000 houses damaged.

Xinhua said the first earthquake, which reached magnitude 5.7, struck at 11:19 a.m. Friday. At least 16 aftershocks followed, the strongest of which measured magnitude 5.6.

A spokesman for the local government’s earthquake relief center said roads to the area had been severely damaged and police, fire fighters and volunteers were working to repair them. Xinhua said landslides and rock falls had also caused significant damage and were hampering rescue workers’ efforts to reach affected villages.

The Chinese government is under heightened pressure to respond quickly to potential sources of social unrest ahead of its sensitive, once-a-decade leadership change, which is expected to begin in the coming weeks or months.

High casualties among children in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake sowed widespread public discontent in China. The government since promised to improve building safety, particularly in China’s earthquake-prone southwest.

The quake was widely discussed on China’s popular online forums Friday, where many questioned how a moderate-strength earthquake appeared to have caused extensive damage to homes and infrastructure. The earthquake measured at a relatively shallow depth of 14 kilometers (8.7 miles), authorities said.

“A sub-6 magnitude earthquake and schools again collapse,” one person lamented on Sina Corp.’s popular Weibo microblogging service.

It wasn’t clear how many schools had been damaged in the quake, but some online users said one school damaged wasn’t in session at the time the earthquakes struck late Friday morning.

Yiliang county, which is administered by the nearby prefectural city of Zhaotong, has a population of 585,000 people, according to the local government, and has been designated by higher authorities as an area of particularly high poverty. The county’s population is largely rural and harvesting rice, corn and other crops serves as a major source of income.

Xinhua reported power and telecommunications in severely hit areas had been widely disrupted.

—Kersten Zhang
contributed to this article.

Write to Brian Spegele at [email protected]

Daily Bread Food Storage

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Daily Bread Food Storage www.dailybread.com offers food storage with a 25 year shelf life.  When looking at the labels there is a bit of a concern about the amounts of sodium and ingredients that are unpronounceable.  There is a nice variety of complete foods with a great detail of the size of your year supply of food.  They show the measurements of your total food supply.  You can read the labels online too.

to see the labels on their website you can go to http://www.dailybread.com/index/gourmet-meal-plan/D/6-months-3-meals

Compare Daily Bread www.dailybread.com to the other labels  of eggs from THRIVE for instance



Daily Bread does not have an affiliate program with They Shall Walk yet so after you read the labels PLEASE buy from Shelf Reliance.


with the ongoing food fund raiser all you have to do is buy food and it helps fund They Shall Walk research.

Call for more information (206) 250-5639 for more emergency prep info and meetings check out facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emergency-Preparedness/514906075192271


Hurricane warnings issued for New Orleans, Gulf Coast as Isaac churns off Florida Repost

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Re-post from  http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/isaac-hurricane-orleans-224646178.html

This repost is brought to you by our sponsor: Food Life Shelf Relianchttp://www.foodlife.shelfreliance.com/emergencykits

This ready made kit can be drop shipped to you.

By Dylan Stableford, Yahoo! News

The storm that killed as many as six people in Haiti and forced the delay of the start of the Republican National Convention in Tampa is on track to hit the Gulf Coast and possibly New Orleans, forecasters said late Sunday.

Tropical Storm Isaac, with sustained winds of 60 mph, lashed the Florida Keys and is expected to intensify, gaining strength as it moves into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and make landfall on Tuesday as possibly a Category 2 hurricane.

The projected track and timing is eerily similar to Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans and Gulf Coast in late August 2005.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal declared a state of emergency and ordered voluntary evacuations of more than a dozen parishes. Governors in Alabama and Mississippi did, too.

“I know the anxiety level is high,” New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu told CNN on Sunday. “The storm is somewhat uncertain. Out of an abundance of caution we will begin to take these precautions as quickly as we can.”

Landrieu added: “We are much, much better prepared structurally than before.”

[Slideshow: Tropical Storm Isaac]

Hurricane warnings have been issued along the northern Gulf Coast from Morgan City, La., to Destin, Fla., including New Orleans and coastal Mississippi. Tornado warnings were issued for southern Florida late Sunday as a result of the rotating storm.

According to the National Hurricane Center, a storm surge between six and 12 feet could threaten the northern Gulf Coast if the storm makes landfall during high tide. The storm surge in Tampa Bay–the site of the Republican Convention–could be as high as four feet, forecasters said.

Heavy rain is also expected; in southern Florida and the Keys, up to 10 inches was expected Sunday.

In Haiti, at least six deaths were reported on Saturday as a result of Isaac. According to Florida Gov. Rick Scott, no deaths have been reported in the state thus far.

But on the eve of the seventh anniversary of Katrina, some weather experts are nonetheless growing weary. Brendan Loy, a blogger who predicted Katrina would be “an unprecedented cataclysm” in New Orleans, “breaching the Lake Pontchartrain levees” and causing thousands of deaths, says he had “a profound sense of déjà vu” on Saturday when computer models showed a “sudden westward” shift–and Isaac taking dead aim at New Orleans.

“It feels like August 26, 2005—a defining day of my decade—all over again,” he wrote.

1 2