TexSport Shelter

The TexSport Shelter is a great simple affordable pop up shelter that can be used for a shower, bathroom or latrine (outhouse).  Perfect addition to your gear for traveling when some camping is involved.

screen shot

It only takes ten minutes to set up if you know how to use tent poles and pegs.  If not you may only need another five minutes to read the instructions.  Very easy reading by the way.  We used this as a shower and have used it as an outhouse.  The ladies in the family appreciate it more than the guys.

Here is a quick video to show you how it looks set up as an outhouse. https://youtu.be/FuV3Ak0YNbI

Order online from amazon to help support the work at They Shall Walk. Price:$49.95 – $59.03

Mini Retreat at SnoqualmieRetreat.com

Taking a mini retreat at www.SnoqualmieRetreat.com is easier than you would think.  Just 54 miles from Seattle it is one of the easiest places to get to and feel like you are away from it all.  (Short link http://theyshallwalk.org/?p=1376 )

A friend of mine described there recent stay there like this.  “We were driving on the freeway, the road was clear and as we exited at the West Summit it was like driving into a winter wonderland.  The gas station was covered the pancake house was covered in snow, snow everywhere.   It was great, we took a Jacuzzi, sat by the fire and just enjoyed being in the snow and having a luxurious place the stay.  It was a great opportunity to get away from it all and relax, and it was so close to the city.”

I love the Snoqualmie Retreat, especially now with all of the snow.  You can walk to the lift and ski back to the house when you are done, get in the hot tub and relax next to the fire with a book.  I can literally be sitting at my desk in the lab, decide to go to the SnoqualmieRetreat, book online in a couple of minutes and within an hour be checked in or on the slopes.

The snow just keeps coming down up there and the season will be extended as long as there is snow.  I was surprised to find an opening on the schedule so I was able to book it and stay a few days.  How cool is that.

Walk to the lift from the Snoqualmie Retreat
More Snow, it keeps coming down.
Get some snow now.


For skiing or snowboarding it is one of the easiest places to get to and get back from.  click on the Book It Now button on the website to reserve your stay at the Snoqualmie Retreat now.

Check out the webcams to see the snow in real time.  If you are hungry and you want a Bacon Bleu Cheese Burger the place to get it is at Webbs  http://theyshallwalk.org/?p=112











Peta Prize $1 million prize for biosynthetic meat.

Peta Prize $1 million prize for biosynthetic meat: meat you grow in a dish.  (shortlink http://theyshallwalk.org/?p=322 )

While I was visiting India I was invited to speak at the Voorhees College in Tamil, Nadu, India.  In the morning I was invited to the church and that was a great experience I will have to tell you more in another blog.  I was invited to speak to the Zoology Department about my work with biosynthetic muscles.  http://www.voorheescollege.in/

Between the time I was invited and the time I arrived to speak at the college the news of my presentation got so popular they had to move from a single classroom to the auditorium at the center of the college.

While I waited for the students to assemble I had time to speak with the professor in charge of the zoology department.  When I told him that I had the recipe for growing muscles he was intrigued.  My plan was to grow muscles and combine them with synthetic materials, that is why I call it, biosynthetcis.  The side benefit or ‘good’ benefit of the recipe is that muscle cells will grow within 7-8 weeks.

It is interesting that much of the Stem Cell research being done in the US is funded by the death squad politics of groups who want to promote what they call “pro choice”.  A friend of mine from the old neighborhood told me he was “PRO CHOICE” too, the choice comes before having sex.  He continues on a rant anytime you ask him “…the pro choice movement in America is for lazy women who want to change their minds after making the choice of having sex.”  he will always continue consistently with ….”They want to pretend they did not make a mistake in drinking too much or self medicating before having sex with someone they would not introduce to mom or dad, let alone consider having and holding until ‘death do us part’.  The “PRO CHOICE” movement is for lazy people who want to pretend they can change the past.”…

Much of the Stem Cell Research is funded by the pro abortion agenda.  When you read the papers and the results of actual research it becomes obvious, or as one Chemistry Professor used to say “Clearly and Obviously” that the money is being wasted very much in the same way that much of the cardiac research money is being wasted.  Cardiac money is available because Americans will not exercise or eat right and the insurance companies will pay for the surgery, so researchers want to develop a product that will be purchased by that money.

In reality stem cell research, as it relates to growing muscle for food, is easy and does not need to involve any ‘genetic alterations’ or ‘mutations’ or ‘genetic engineering’ and certainly does not require “GELF”… (Genetically Engineered Life Forms).   I will publish the recipe later, today I will tell you it is pretty simple to combine the nutrient cocktail with a freshly fertilized fowl egg such as a chicken or quail. The stem cells in the fresh fertilized egg is ready to become what ever you want it to with good old fashioned “Animal husbandry”

We mix up some simple nutrients in a saline solution and added a simple aerator from an aquarium, an incubator that usually costs thousands (we purchased from a state surplus auction for much less ).  Then using a couple of fountain pumps and aquarium pumps we were able to rig up a flow of liquid ‘nuti-detox’ that would flow over the growing muscle tissue.

I call it ‘nutri-detox’ because the liquid provides nutrition solids suspended in and aqueous (mainly water) solution as well as the oxygen gas needed by the cells.  As the ‘nutri-detox’ flows over the muscle tissue the waste product solids and gases flow away from the growing cells.  The key is to be sure the flow rate is enogh to provide the liquid, solids and gases the tissue needs while hauling away waste all while not flowing so fast that the cells are hauled away.

A filter chamber is where waste is filtered out.  In a future article I will explain how we can use the animal waste as food for the plant models.  In the very near future we will combine the animal tissue with plant tissue to form a symbiotic relationship fueling each other.  At first on a macro scale and then miniaturize it into the nanotech scale.

The “nutri-detox” liquid starts in the primary tank, mixed according to a recipe found in the piles of thesis papers in the engineering and biology libraries at the University of Washington.  A simple $5 air pump aerates the liquid with oxygen rich bubbles that move with the liquid towards the “bio-reactor” chamber.  This was built with Plexiglas, acrylic and JB weld epoxy.  Using a simple $5 fountain pump, the liquid is moved from the ‘tank one’ to the bioreactor.

The term bioreactor is controversial in some bio-engineering camps because it can mean so many different things see images .  For the topic of biosynthetic muscles it may be better to just consider it a growth chamber

In the bioreactor the liquid flows over the muscle tissue.  In this environment when a few muscle cells are taken from a living chicken using a standard biopsy technique (with no harm to the animal) and then introduced to the ‘prepped’ biosynthetic cell mass, it will differentiate and the ‘bi-opted’ cell will ‘tell’ the un-differentiated cells what they are to become when it simply comes into contact with it.  Within seven to eight weeks the cells grow and come alive.

My plan is to offer the recipe to the College at no charge and help them to grow chicken meat in a dish.  I will experiment with my electrodes that will later be used to power up and control muscle contractions in a future version of the LIFESUIT that is skin tight and fits under the clothes.  In the food model these electrodes will help to ‘exercise’ the meat to make the texture more palatable.  Without the electrodes that provide controlled contractions of the muscles, the newly formed tissue just ‘twitches’ on its own and is very difficult to control.

With the electrodes, especially the ‘tri-phase’ activation electrodes we have developed, the muscle tissue will have an opportunity to develop ‘texture’ based on the amount of muscle contractions and the amount of exercise we give the new meat.

It is my intention to publish as much as I can about biosynthetic meat and muscle motors so that everyone will be able to grow meat in the fridge and not have to Mame or kill animals to eat.  Fortunately the restrictions placed on research labs preventing this kind of work does not apply in India.

Prof.C.Rufus Inbakumar, M.A M.Phil was one of my hosts for the trip.  His wife is a doctor who goes to a village 35 km outside of town where there is no health clinic.  She does well child checks and administers medicine and treatment as much as she can.  It has been very hard the last year because of the popularity of the work she is doing.  People come from farther and farther away and there are now too many people for her to treat with the limited resources she has.

As part of our partnership with Vellore India you can make a donation to They Shall Walk. org and earmark the funds for the “Vellore Village Roadside Project”.  In the history of the CMC (Christian Medical College) in Vellore they used to have a weekly program called “Roadside”.  It has developed into a more sophisticated “Village Visits” program and even morphed into two departments.  Locals in the villages now prepare the sights for the students and doctors who arrive to provide care. Especially the spinal cord injury patients who have limited mobility.  The CMC sees 5000 outpatients every day.  You can make a donation to They Shall Walk and earmark it for the “CMC” or you can donate directly at:

You can make a contribution to the Vellore CMC in the following ways:

Use a credit card to contribute on line:


Telephone: Call our 800 number with a major credit card:


Mail: Send a check or your credit card number (with expiration date) to:

The Vellore Christian Medical College Board (USA), Inc
475 Riverside Drive Suite 243
New York, N. Y. 10115

Thank you SnoqualmieRetreat.com for giving the gift of walking.

www.SnoqualmieRetreat.com is giving $150 to They Shall Walk for every booking. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Snoqualmie-Retreat/65827745538

Book now, have a great time hiking, biking and just enjoying nature.  Take a mini retreat and help They Shall Walk.  For the next few months every booking will result in a check for $150 to help fund the work at They Shall Walk.

Click here http://vacationrentalretreats137.rentalavenue.com/resdesk/prop_bookitnow01.php

The last three years I have had the pleasure of staying at the Snoqualmie Retreat.  Initially it was just to get away for a family time.  We could get out into the woods for walking, and mountain biking most of the year.  When the snow starts falling it is the best place to go for skiing.  I know there is better skiing at some of the other ski resorts such as Stevens Pass and Crystal Mountain.  It is just when it comes to getting there I usually do not need to put on the chains.

If there is a traffic accident on the way to Stevens Pass it can sometimes just STOP traffic.  I have sat in the car for hours on end waiting on Highway 2 waiting for the accident to be cleared.

Going the www.SummitatSnoqualmie.com to ski is great because I90 is so wide that even when there is an accident I can usually get there.  With the weather the road is usually clear all the way until I get off at exit 52.

When I stay at the Snoqualmie Retreat I can have as many as eight people stay.  Three bedrooms and a futon in the living room.  I like to curl up on the floor in front of the fireplace for a relaxing evening or afternoon.

When skiing I literally walk 900 steps to the ski lift “Little Thunder” and ski back to the house.  When hiking and mountain biking I can do it from the house or drive a very short distance to The Pacific Crest Trail (commonly referred to as the PCT

Webb’s has the best bacon blue cheese burger ever.  In fact I have set out on an adventure to compare bacon blue cheese burgers from around the world against the Webb’s burger.

check out the other Vacation Retreat Properties from our sponsor. http://www.vacationrentalretreats.com/Vacation_Rental_Retreats/Home.html



La Hamburguesa de Tocino y Queso Azul en la Punta del Snoqualmie

La Hamburguesa de Tocino y Queso Azul en la Punta del Snoqualmie


Disfrute de excelente comida en Webb’s. (enlace rápido a este blog http://theyshallwalk.org/?p=365) He ido ahí un par de veces y les aseguro que la Hamburguesa con Tocino y Queso Azul es la mejor, desde que la probé es lo único que pido.   Me gusta el ciclismo de montaña y el Snoqualmie

Webb's Bacon Bleu Burger and a View.

Pass está cerca del laboratorio (54 millas) así que puedo manejar hasta ahí, tomar mi bici y pasearme.  Me gustaba caminar en las montañas y correr pero debido a que tengo parálisis parcial en ambos brazos y piernas, y siendo que ésta es intermitente, andar en bici es la mejor opción.  En lugar de caerme cuando un brazo o pierna me falla, tengo que esforzarme con las extremidades que aún funcionan.


La Hambuerguesa de tocino y queso azul de Webb’s y la panorámica

e encanta SnoqualmieRetreat.com porque me queda cerca y es un gran lugar para vacacionar en cualquier época del año.  Después del ciclismo de montaña y entrenamiento en primavera, en el verano y otoño puedo meterme al jacuzzi y luego ir a Webb’s a comer la mejor hamburguesa con tocino y queso azul que jamás había probado.  Las papas a la francesa son un plus y la vista es impresionante.

En el invierno esquiar es de lo mejor.  Desde la punta en el Oeste puedo esquiar hacia el centro y en esta temporada del año la punta en el Este también estará abierta.  En el invierno, después de algunas horas de esquiar iré de regreso a Webb’s por unas cuantas docenas de hamburguesas con tocino y queso azul.

El horario de verano ha extendido las horas de servicio por lo que cuando me dé una escapadita a snoqualmieretreat.com pasaré a Webb’s, y hasta puede que pruebe algún otro platillo de su menú.

Horario de servicio durante el verano – !Ahora Más Amplio¡

Jueves: 11am-9pm (restaurante); 2pm-11pm (bar)

Viernes: 11am-10pm (restaurante); 2pm-11pm (bar)

Sábado: 7:30am-10:30am (desayuno buffet)*; 11am-9pm (menú standard), el bar abre a la 1pm

Domingo: 7:30am-10:30am (desayuno buffet)*; 11am-8pm (menú standard), el bar abre a la 1pm

!Venga el fin de semana y disfrute de nuestro nuevo desayuno buffet y de nuestro bar de omelets¡ $12.50 por persona

(425) 434-7669 Ext. 6809

Monty K Reed, Fundador de Tei Shall Walk http://www.facebook.com/TheyShallWalk

Nuevo domicilio: 6266 13th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108 USA (206) 297-WA

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Webb’s Bacon ‘n Bleu Burger at Snoqualmie Summit

Have some amazing food at Webb’s. (quick link for this blog http://theyshallwalk.org/?p=112 ) I have been there a couple of times and the [pulsa aquí para español /click for Spanish] Bacon ‘n Bleu Burger is the best,  it is all I have ever ordered.   I like to mountain bike and Snoqualmie Pass is close to the lab (54 miles) so I can drive up there and get on my bike and ride.  I used to love to hike and run but since I still have partial paralysis in both my arms and legs that comes and goes, biking makes more sense.  Instead of falling down when a leg or arm goes out I just have to work harder with the limbs that are still functioning.

I love SnoqualmieRetreat.com because it is so close and a great getaway all year round.  After mountain biking and getting a work out in the spring, summer and fall I can hit the hot tub and then head over to Webb’s and get the best burger with bacon and blue cheese I have ever had.  The cross cut french fries are a bonus and the view is amazing.

Webb's Bacon Bleu Burger and a View.

In the winter the skiing is great.  From the West summit I can ski to central and this season the East summit will be open too.  After a few hours of ski runs I will be heading back to Webb’s for a few dozen Bacon ‘n Bleu Burgers this winter.

The summer hours have been extended so when I am on a mini retreat at the snoqualmieretreat.com I will be droping by Webb’s,  I might even try some other items on the menu.

Summer Operating Hours – Now Extended!

Thursday: 11am-9pm (dining); 2pm-11pm (bar)
Friday: 11am-10pm (dining); 2pm-11pm (bar)
Saturday: 7:30am-10:30am (breakfast buffet)*; 11am-9pm (regular menu), bar opens at 1pm
Sunday: 7:30am-10:30am (breakfast buffet)*; 11am-8pm (regular menu), bar opens at 1pm

*Come on in and enjoy our new breakfast buffet on weekends, complete with an omelet bar! $12.50 per person.

(425) 434-7669 ext. 6809

Monty K Reed, Founder They Shall Walk http://www.facebook.com/TheyShallWalk
NEW Address: 6266 13th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108 USA (206) 297-WALK