Rodney Rochon Bad Cop?

Rodney Rochon Bad Cop? by Monty K Reed
How can you tell except from personal experience and public records? I had the unfortunate experience to meet Rodney Rochon when I had called 911 for help because my wife had been assaulted by a horse thief that she caught in the act, stealing a horse on our private property in Snohomish county. Before that very sad day I had trust and respect for law enforcement. I had over 32 friends who were police officers and another 27 who were involved in law enforcement in direct or contractor relationships with the government. I used to believe and teach that police could be trusted and the uniform was sacred.

On that day I was sadly corrected and I learned that absolute insane, mentally retarded and intellectually challenge people were allowed to be sworn in by “Black Bart” (Sharif Bart) in Snohomish county Washington and issued firearms as well as given the sacred uniform that represented law and order without any truth behind the badge.

It was hard to believe that an American citizen, being robbed and assaulted by a trespassing horse thief could call 911 and end up standing around for more than three hours while the police try to figure out the laws.

I explained the agister lien law, showed the officer paperwork including the fillings with the county and the officer had NO ClUE what to do. He called the dog catcher requesting advice and ultimately…. You will not believe this…

Snohomish county, represented by Rodney Rochon, with the full advice of the prosecuting attorney’s office, the dog catcher and the sheriff (Black Bart) himself…

Facilitated the horse theft by arresting the property owner, me, who had called 911. Then they committed the crime of “Breaking and entering” and “Trespassing” by ordering the Fire Department’s firemen to cut the lock on the gate to the horse facility. They allowed the horse thief to drive off of the property with a stolen horse in the trailer.

Thousands of dollars in damages resulted and the clients lost trust in myself and our facility since we were unable to prevent horses from being stolen in broad daylight.

Ultimately $1.2 million was lost because of the acts of the puppet Rodney Rochon who acted without any guts, values, morals or backbone and just did what he was told like Hitlers SS. The fact is if you accept an unlawful order and carry it out you are guilty of the crime you committed.

As much as I feel sorry for a Sharif’s deputy that has NO spine, the fact is the rule of law he pretended to uphold makes it clear, that there is NO flexibility that will allow him to avoid prosecution for his horrible crime of assisting a man to escape who assaulted my wife and stole my horse.

The law known as the “Agisters Lien” allows for triple damages for an incident involving horses. Since it resulted in the loss of the horse training facility and the assets of $1.2 million… Rodney Rochon owes $3.6 million to Monty K Reed for his crimes.

What do you do when a police officer acts above the law and all of the agencies he inquired advice from all made the same mistake in advising him.??? The law is the law, when Hilters soldiers followed unlawful orders and continued to rape, murder, steal and destroy the lives of millions of people they blamed the ones issuing the orders. Anyone with two or more brain cells knows the ones who issued the unlawful orders are not ultimately responsible… The man who did the unthinkable acts is responsible.

Rodney Rochon is responsible for: Trespassing by the horse thief because he let him go.

Rodney Rochon is responsible for: Assault by the horse thief to my wife because he let him go.

Rodney Rochon is responsible for: Theft of Livestock by the horse thief because he let him go.

Rodney Rochon is responsible for: Sale of Stolen Lifestock by the horse thief because he let him go.

Rodney Rochon is responsible for: Impound and towing fees for the illegally parked truck and trailer used to steal the horse by the horse thief because he let him go.

Rodney Rochon is responsible for: Trespassing by the Fire department personal because he ordered them to cut the lock on the gate to let the horse thief go.

Rodney Rochon is guilty of: Stupidity because he could not see that the gate simple needed to be lifted at the hinge to open it. The gate was not “Locked” by legal definition because a child of 12 year s old or older could have lifted it off of the hinges and open it.

Rodney Rochon is responsible for: damage to private property by the fire department because he unlawfully ordered them to damage the lock on the gate instead of simply opening it as anyone with twelve or more brain cells could have seen.

Roney Rochon has a few options:
1. He can pay the $3.6 million now, and continue working.
2. He can pay $1.8 million now and do community service for 102,857 hours. Currently the IRS considers volunteer hours valued at $17.50 per hour so Rodney will need to start working 20 hours a week doing volunteer service for 5.8 years to pay off his dept to society.
3. He can resign and goto jail for 12 years.

Open Letter to Comcast:power dreams in our communities

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To Whom It May Concern,
I would love to talk to your sponsorship director or community development director about powering some dreams of walking by providing access to innovative technology, volunteering and giving financial support and partnering with a great organization such as They Shall Walk and the Protocol foundation.

They Shall Walk has developed the LIFESUIT robotic exoskeleton that allows paralyzed people to walk.
Comcast can help.
$2500 will pay the Comcast bill for one year so we can have internet and phone for the research lab and office facility.
$5000 will support all of the utilities at the Seattle Research lab for one year.
$19,200 will support the research lab and office space including rent and triple net.
$50,000 will support the basic program for a year and allow for five paid internships.
$250,000 will support the basic program, ten paid internships, office staff and allow us to install one LIFESUIT robotic exoskeleton in a hospital where 24 paralyzed people will be able to share the machine and walk every week for the benefit of the exercise.
$500k will support all of that and allow us to install four additional LIFESUITS in hospitals and clinics.

If you will give me ten minutes on the phone I believe we can find a way to work together powering dreams in our communities so that paralyzed people will walk, students will learn and volunteers will mentor.

Warm regards,
Monty K Reed

from Comcast website:
“We power dreams in our communities by providing access to innovative technology, volunteering our time, giving financial support and partnering with great organizations.”

from facebook:

Dear Comcast Cares, How does get FREE Comcast services like other Non-Profit Organizations? ~ Robert Abiera


email sent to: ComcastCares on facebook  “name is Bill Gerth also known as @comcastbill. We are here to Make it Right for our customers. [email protected]


Lab Tour Add Hock Committee Meeting Februray 17 2011 7pm

Have you ever wondered how the museum industry worked?

Can you imagine yourself being the curator for a museum of new technology that has changed the current medical system?

Imagine a non profit medical research company that has developed the LIFESUIT robitic exoskeleton that allows paralyzed people to walk.  Real history that is alive and well in our medical system today.

Curator wanted for the LIFESUIT museum.

Come see the lab on Thursday at seven pm.  Meet the staff, the board, and the volunteers that are making this dream real.

send an email to this Craigslist add.

warm regards,


C-SPAN Presidents 2012 Budget Request Review:Military Comments p1

C-SPAN Presidents 2012 Budget Request Review:Military Comments p1  by Monty K Reed.

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As I watch the C-SPAN broadcast of the budget review I noticed I got sucked in because I could, first of all understand what they were talking about.  I had experience training with the combat equipment they were talking about replacing.  My friends have had and are having experiences using those antiquated technologies.  Some of them died because of the lack of technology and many, because of the lack of the will to use it.  Rather than get angry I thought I would listen in and put another log on the fire.  After the fourth log hit the fireplace I realized I had to share a little about what I was seeing.

How many of you have actually watched C-SPAN and thought about the way our tax dollars are being spent.

One of the the interesting comments over an hour ago that sucked me in was the comments about soldiers on the front line using solar power to reduce fuel consumption.  At first glance I imagined a gun toting, cigar smoking R from the south or Idaho imagining this was a ‘ploy by the greenies’ to infect the military.   When you apply science it really is not.  The comment by one of the government officials (first comment to ID the person gets a Free Tshirt) made the point that a team in Afganastan was able to reduce fuel consumption at their forward station from 20 gallons a day to 2 gallons a day.  This single action will result in a reduction in the loss of life.

Here is the logic.  Less fuel means less convoys and that leads to less soldiers being exposed to IED’s.  Now take that logic and start to apply it to every aspect of front line operations and then spread it around to the rest of the military.

One of the other comments had to do with the ‘reexamination of the budget process’ where the current system looks as spending $15 billion because of the budget that was laid out the year before and an increase that resulted in the current budget.  The suggestion was to consider budgets based on the THREAT.

Imagine if the bean counters were to consider talking to the soldiers who were doing the work and considered a budget that actually was based on the need, not what was spent the year before.  This guy was talking about that very thing.

WOW.  I am really impressed.  When I was in Ranger School at Fort Benning back in the 1980’s we were instructed on the budget for OP Ords (Operation Orders) that we needed to assess the threat and add ten percent to be sure we had enough; weapons, ammunition, fuels for aircraft and vehicles, first aid kits, parachutes, food rations, artillery support, air support, troop levels and so on… We were trained in how to estimate all of the needs for small operations and large in all terrains from; mountains, desert, arctic, swamp, jungle and woodland.

When that was all done and we were ready to submit the op order we were taught we had to double the logical request because the standard DOD (Department of Defense ) and DOA (Department of the Army) to slash all requests in half to save money.  I felt like I was dealing with high school dating games when it came to submitting a budget for a military operations order.   I was a bit scared to think that when real combat op ords were being submitted that these kind of budget slashes were going on.  I was blessed and lucky to have never been in combat operations as some of my friends have.

I must say that when I heard this govt official talking about a budget based on real threat levels I was relived and excited.

There was a lot more covered during this broadcast that I do not have time to get into.  The logs have almost turned to ash and I noticed the snow was still falling outside, and since I am looking forward to a day of skiing ‘tomorrow’ (in seven hours) so I need to sign off for now.  Take some time to get involved in politics.  Write your reps and senators to let them know how you feel.

An Eight Mile Bike Ride on the Interurban Trail in Lynnwood

For some of you who have been reading the blog a while you know I am recovering from a broken back that happened in a parachute accident over two decades ago.  I have constant pain and partial paralysis that comes and goes.  I used to be a distance runner and loved it.  The partial paralysis put a real damper on the running because I would fall a lot.  My solution has been to swim, ski and bike instead.  This is a blog entry about the Test Pilots Journey in rehab with a bike.

This ride was great.  I do not recommend it at night like I did because there are several portions of the route that are unlit.  The night ride is particularly dangerous at the street crossings because of the posts that come up out of the ground.  I have pretty good night vision because of the years in the Army Rangers walking around in the night without any lite.

I mapped it out in Googles maps section but had trouble when I tried to save it.  I hoped to install a link to the map here but since it is not working I will give you the grids and you can put it in.  Be sure to click the beta bike route section in the google maps.

Map info: Start at Black Angus Steakhouse 20102 44th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036-6743

Finish at: Shoreline Wide Shoes 7621 Lake Ballinger Way, Edmonds, WA 98026

One of the best rush parts is the tunnel just south of 220th.  If you are going south like I did you will want to be careful at 236th because the trail ends and turns onto a road with houses cars and mail boxes.

Stay left and follow the road along the lake.  After a straight section you will stay with the main road as it slowly turns ninety degrees right.  It will put you out onto 241st and 76th ave w where you will turn left and begin the climb up to 244th (if you cross the road you will be in Shoreline and the same road is called NW 205th street.)

Then turn around and go back.  If you are there during the afternoon or evening you can stop at Big E ales for a drink and some food.  They always have some good grub.  For the best experience in brew try the sampler of seven different beers.  My favorite is the Scotch Ale combined with any of the burgers and fries they have.  Just what you need after an eight mile ride.

I am getting ready for the 4th annual They Shall Walk and Roll a thon on the Shoreline Interurban trail the last Saturday in October.  October 30 2010 at 9am.  There should be about 1100 people there this year.  A car show is a new attraction and many of the businesses all along the Interurban trail will be set up with ‘trick or treat tables’ giving away goodies.  The costume contest was one of the funnest parts of the event.  Raising money for a non profit medical research charity is the bonus that tops off the whole event.  Give the gift of walking.

Diva espresso will be giving away coffee and pastries, Ivar’s is giving away clam chowder to the first 500 people, Ford is giving away a Ford Escape Hybrid, and there are tons of other prizes for participants: Wheelchairs, bikes, skates, strollers, skate boards, scooters, roller-blades, unicycles, and walkers and rollers of every type are welcome.  $25 suggested donation with no minimum fee.  pre register by sending your name and shirt size to the email address:  monty  at
more information on the website