Ditch Your Phone Bill: Fundraiser for They Shall Walk

You are invited to be one of the “Early Adopters” of this new technology.  Early adopters come before the pioneers.

This is new.  You can buy other prepaid SIM cards at Wallmart for $2475 for five years ($495 per year for five years) or you can buy it here for $630 for Five years.  $780 regular price.

Fill out this form to take advantage of this great offer.  You can also send a text message to Monty K Reed (206) 250-5639 or call.   Send an email to [email protected]  every SIM card you buy will get us one step closer to the gift of walking. Thank you.

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This will be the referral agents phone number or a code with letters and numbers like VAR964
You can enter a number or type in the answers to what you'd like.. 1. Buy a SIM card 2. Become a Referral Agent 3. Sell SIM cards at my retail store 4. Become a Full-Time Sales Agent Copyright Nov 2018 www.DitchYourPhoneBill.com purchase a prepaid SIM card for $600 on or after December 1, 2018, for Five years of service. Send a text message if you want to buy now (206) 250-5639 ask for Monty K Reed Do NOT wait, ORDER now.

Thank you for your interest.  You can order your SIM card and learn more about the products here:

https://www.mcstelecom.com/964.html   Enter the Code VAR964 when selecting your SIM card and in the notes at check out.

Try coupon code LOVE2019

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Send a text message if you want to buy now (206) 250-5639 ask for Monty K Reed