Ditch Your Phone Bill: Fundraiser for They Shall Walk

You are invited to be one of the “Early Adopters” of this new technology.  Early adopters come before the pioneers.

Choose Sim card and/or phone options

This is new.  Buy a PrePaid SIM Card here for $630 for Two years.  FCA Ministers and Non-Profit Staff can get a better deal, ask about it.

Fill out this form to take advantage of this great offer.  You can also send a text message to Monty K Reed (206) 250-5639 or call.   Send an email to [email protected]  every SIM card you buy will get us one step closer to the gift of walking. Thank you.

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This will be the referral agents phone number or a code with letters and numbers like VAR964
You can enter a number or type in the answers to what you'd like.. 1. Buy a SIM card 2. Become a Referral Agent 3. Sell SIM cards at my retail store 4. Become a Full-Time Sales Agent Copyright Nov 2018 www.DitchYourPhoneBill.com purchase a prepaid SIM card for $600 on or after December 1, 2018, for Five years of service. Send a text message if you want to buy now (206) 250-5639 ask for Monty K Reed Do NOT wait, ORDER now.

Thank you for your interest.  You can order your SIM card and learn more about the products here:

If you just want to buy one now you can get 2 years for $630

If you want to save a little more you can contact Monty to get the 5 year plan for $455 if you are a member of the FCA.

Visit our Facebook Page to get more information… FACEBOOK


Send a text message if you want to buy now (206) 250-5639 ask for Monty K Reed

*You can buy other prepaid SIM cards at Wallmart for $2475 for five years ($495 per year for five years)