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One Million Steps to the GIFT of Walking
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Every donation is tax deductible. call or text to (206) 250-5639 the founder, Monty K Reed at Emergency Preparedness.

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Give the Gift of Walking to “Anonymous” or choose the test pilot you want to walk first. Buy a Gift Certificate and email it to [email protected]
Monty K Reed is still experiencing challenges with physical therapy and pain. You can help him by giving him a certificate today.
Other Test Pilots who want the Gift of Walking are:
Teddy, Tess, Andrew, Lucky, Tim, Vanessa, Will, Agatha, Sarah, Vin, Thomas, Todd, William, Robert, Torrance, Andre, Sally, Bob, Ronald, James, Alice, George, Chris, Jesse, Derek, Melissa, John, Marco…
We have another 175 Test Pilots waiting in the wings for a LIFESUIT. You can choose to give them the gift of walking.

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