Brand Ambassador: Hand Out Samples $15 per hour

Free Grocery Club Outside Sales.  Open position $35k-$85k per year.

email your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

or apply online

As an outside sales representative, you will sell our products to convenience stores, ma and pop grocery stores, gas stations, delis, coffee shops and small cafes and restaurants.
You will open new accounts and support them by introducing new products and training employees on how to sample and sell our products.
You will participate in food tasting, demos and sampling events.
Some will be at stores and others will be at trade shows.
You will need to be a self starter.
You will need to be able to use Webinar Technology like GoToMeeting or google hangouts for training.
You will call on all small stores in the area. A small store is 2000 sf and smaller.
You will not call on large stores in the area. A large store is 2001 sf and larger.
Outside sales experience is preferred.
If you have already sold to convenience stores your application goes to the top of the list so be ready to tell us about your experience in this area. We are hiring now.
We deal in simple clean food with single ingredients.
Non GMO, no additives and no preservatives.
The job starts with you selling Snack items in packages of $200, $300 and $1500 bundles.
Then you schedule a time asap to be in the store teaching the employees how to sample the product.
Our company provides free samples with every qualified order so the stores will sell more.
Most stores have three rush times you can do a very successful tasting event.  Morning, lunch and after work rushes.
Send resume and be ready for a telephone interview.
The second round interview is a webinar using the phone and a web browser to view the screen.
We are looking for above average and super stars.  Only apply if you are looking to make a difference and be in the top ten in sales.
WE are looking for award winners.
Free Grocery Club is a sponsor of They Shall and supports the research to give the gift of walking to the world.
email your resume and cover letter to [email protected]