LIFESUIT being used by 300 people.

The research for the medical version of the LIFESUIT is complete and we have closed our research facility in Seattle.  The new research facility will open in 2020 after the LIFESUIT’s have been in circulation.  Only the most progressive physical therapy clinics and gyms will be considered for this program.  Talk to the director of your local facility to see if they have applied to be an official LIFESUIT Gym yet.  Tell the director they can reach out to us by physical mail.  The internet has resulted in hundreds of requests per day and we just can not keep up with the email requests so facebook and “snail mail” via postal carrier will be the most efficient way to communicate with us.  If the director of your facility speaks English they can call (206) 250-5639.  Have facility directors contact us at They Shall Walk 3411 Alaska Rd, Brier, WA 98036.

Help us give the gift of walking.

Make your donations online or by checks payable to They Shall Walk.  Mail to 3411 Alaska Rd, Brier, WA 98036