Thank you for your interest in simple clean food.
Snackies: The only thing in the food….is the food.

Dealer inquiries welcome.  We are hiring too.

Order your Snackies online or get back to the person who suggested this to you. Order a Snackies Sample Package for just $100 shipping included.


Choose How many Snackies you want in your variety pack


You Choose the flavor:  Corn – Pomegranate Yogurt


You Choose the flavor: Beet – Spinach and ToGo Meals


Quantity of Corn: order 1 or 100


Snackies Retail for $4.29-$12.50 depending on the flavor.Corn, Peas, Peaches, Bananas & Strawberries =$7.99  (suggested retail) 24 flavors and two sizes.  30 different sku’sFruit Crisps, Pineapple, Cheddar, Grapes, Coconut, Cranberry Crunch = $10.99 (suggested retail) You can mix and match case quantities to get the case price as long as your order includes 100 Snackies or more you will get these lowest prices.Most stores start with a Trio Pack for $350 setting you up with three of each of the Snackies.  The TRIO PLUS starts you with three of each flavor and 4 each of the most popular.

Most Markets will support a retail price of $4.29 per Snackies pouch.$10.99 Cheddar Cheese sells really well next to the beef jerky.  Most Americans think of meat and cheese going together.                                                                   $6.50  Single Pouch Case of 100 Corn $309.



This is the $1500 end cap that can generate $1000-$5000 in monthly sales for each location.  The top three shelves are the $300 TRIO PLUS starter kit. is Hiring 


Currently available at 100 locations around Washington State.

Text or send an email to request the location of a location near you

(206) 250-5639