Snackies: Simple Clean Food

Snackies: Simple Clean Food  by Monty K Reed

“The only thing that is in the food is the food”  He said to the store owner as he handed him a couple of kernels of corn from the Snackies bag.  The store owner was skeptical of a healthy snack that would actually sell off of his shelves until he tasted the corn.  Three bites down on the corn turned into a big smile and resulted in a loud “Wow!”.  When a person reacts to the taste of any vegetable with “Wow!” you know you have something there.  The thing that is really fun is that you can hear that resounding “Wow!” all day long if you simply hand out corn samples all day long.

Juan was one of the new sales reps that had just came on board to start promoting the product that is part of the food fund raiser for They Shall Walk.  Juan, was learning to talk to store owners about the Snackies product and he quickly learned that you do not really have to say much about the product.  In fact all you really need to do is to get the person to taste it and then ask for the sale.  In this case the sale was twenty Snackies to put on the shelf and sell to the customers coming through the doors of the convenience store.

A typical order starts with one of each of the Snackies so we can see how well they sell and which ones people choose to buy base on the labels.  This first order is just over $100 in wholesale value so it qualifies for free shipping if you set up the store as a preferred customers.

Typical First Order

Product Name Catalog ID Wholesale Qty Subtotal
Green Peas – Snackies Pouch 28107 USD 2.79 USD 2.79 ×
Carrot Fruit Crisps – Snackies Pouch 28103 USD 5.79 USD 5.79 ×
Sweet Corn – Snackies Pouch 28102 USD 3.09 USD 3.09 ×
Spinach Fruit Crisps – Snackies Pouch 28105 USD 5.59 USD 5.59 ×
Beet Fruit Crisps – Snackies Pouch 28104 USD 5.89 USD 5.89 ×
Mangoes – Snackies Pouch 28106 USD 5.39 USD 5.39 ×
Fuji Apples – Snackies Pouch 28112 USD 3.69 USD 3.69 ×
Coconut Bites – Snackies Pouch 28101 USD 5.69 USD 5.69 ×
Peaches – Snackies Pouch 28114 USD 3.69 USD 3.69 ×
Pineapple – Snackies Pouch 28108 USD 5.79 USD 11.58 ×
Pomegranate Yogurt Bites – Snackies Pouch 28110 USD 5.09 USD 5.09 ×
Havarti Cheese & Pretzels – Snackies Pouch 28120 USD 4.79 USD 4.79 ×
Vanilla Yogurt Bites – Snackies Pouch 28111 USD 4.99 USD 4.99 ×
Strawberries – Snackies Pouch 28109 USD 4.19 USD 4.19 ×
Red Grapes – Snackies Pouch 28113 USD 6.09 USD 6.09 ×
Cheddar Bites – Snackies Pouch 28117 USD 5.39 USD 5.39 ×
Bananas – Snackies Pouch 28100 USD 4.39 USD 4.39 ×
Mini Variety Pack – Snackie Single 8-Pack 29100 USD 13.59 USD 14.99 ×
                                                                                                                        Order Subtotal: USD 103.11
Another strategy is to focus on the Peas and Corn and sampling.  I usually toss in a free pouch of peas and corn and I open it at the store location so that they will not sell it and be sure they start handing out samples.  When people taste it they will buy it.
The best first order has one of every thing and it has ten corn and ten peas.  This runs about $250 and the store can really test out the market and supply all the corn and peas the customers will want.  I always guarantee buy back and trade ins for product that does not sell.   This gives the store owner a little more confidence to buy the Snackies and put them on the shelf.
If you support them with tasting demos you will sell a lot of food.
As an advocate for They Shall Walk you can sell the Snackies and make a lot of money, while supporting a great cause.
Set up ten accounts with the $250 start order and you can earn $500 in that first week.  If you keep going and you manage to set up 40 new accounts in one month you will be eligible for the “Builder Bonus” and that will get you 32% on that first month.  That would be $10,000 at 32% and you would earn $3200 the first month.  If you repeat this and you open 40 new accounts with the $250 order and you are able to support the 40 from the month before you can earn 64% on the first $10,000 so you will earn over $6400 the second month.
Food is one of the best things you could ever consider selling.  Try it you will like it…… And you will be supporting a great.  Every Snackies sold helps to raise money for Thriving Nations and for They Shall Walk.
      Cheddar Bites - Snackies PouchPomegranate Yogurt Bites - Snackies Pouch Beet Fruit Crisps - Snackies Pouch Red Grapes - Snackies Pouch