Adventurers Wanted; Slothbog’s Gold by M.L. Forman

Adventurers Wanted; Slothbog’s Gold by M.L. Forman

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This is Book 1 of the Adventurers Wanted series and I know of 2 more. This is a young adult series but I recommend it for all ages that enjoy a good fantasy story. There is magic and mayhem, adventure and friendship. All in all a good read.

Adventures In Hawaii on the North Shore at NorthShoreRetreat


When Alex sees the sign “Adventurers Wanted: Apply Within” in a shop window, he can’t help but inquire. He is soon steamrolled into his first adventure by the shop owner, finding himself packed off to a fantasy world as the eighth member of a group going after the dragon Slathbog.

Alex is very likable and so are the companions that join him in his adventure. The story reminded me a lot of Eragon, yet the reading is easier and quicker. Highly enjoyable, fast-paced, and full of adventure!

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Adventurers Wanted, Book 3: Albrek's Tomb Adventurers Wanted, Book 3: Albrek’s Tomb by M. L. Forman
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Adventurers Wanted, Book One: Slathbog's Gold Adventurers Wanted, Book One: Slathbog’s Gold by M. L. Forman
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Adventurers Wanted, Book Two: The Horn of Moran Adventurers Wanted, Book Two: The Horn of Moran by M.L. Forman
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Sabriel by Garth Nix

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I was looking around in a bookstore lately and asked as associate for a recommendation. She told me about the series called The Abhorsen. The first book is Sabriel. I know why she liked it now that I have read it. This is an extremely well written book with engaging characters. Possibly one of the greatest fantasy adventures of our times, Garth Nix’s first novel is a lush, magical, dark-witty adventure about a young woman’s battle with the hideous Dead.

The Old Kingdom is full of charter magic. There are Necromancers that create problems with the dead. But the Abhorsen is in charge of “fixing” the problems and sending the dead back to death. Sabriel inherits the title from her father. She doesn’t know what she is doing because she was sent out of the Old Kingdom for her education. But she finds many helpers along the way.

I want everyone to read this book!!

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Get STARTED-don’t quit

“Get STARTED-don’t quit!” by Monty K Reed $12.99 book Released February 2012 (Retail value $12.99)

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The first 200 copies were autographed and numbered.  Buy them today give them away as gifts to motivate and inspire; employees, family and friends.Get STARTED-don’t quit” is the first book written by the founder of They Shall Walk, Monty K Reed who overcame mental disability and physical disability to achieve the dream of the LIFESUIT robotic exoskeleton becoming a reality.

An excerpt from “Get STARTED-don’t quit” by Monty K Reed
My First Job and My First Business at Age Seven.
“In this candy store, I discovered that there was a generic candy that just happened to fit in the Pez dispensers and it was only two cents. At the time, a Pez refill was a dime. So I invested my dime and bought five of those candies, and then I put a private label on it and resold them for a nickel.”…Shortlink for this page
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Thank you to Stacy, for being my friend, my wife, my love,my life. Thank you Tony, Ciara and Isaac, for being my amazing kids. Thank you to all my friends and family for supporting my vision to give the gift of walking to the world. Thank you to all of the volunteers who have come and gone, with a special thanks to the ones who have stuck around through hard times. Thanks editors: Amy, Andre, Cassie, David, Heather, Kathy & Mark.

Thank You, Decade Club: David Moody, Doug Bell & Charlie. There have been so many volunteers over the years I can not list them all here. There are so many sponsors and donors that I can not list them all here either. A special “thank you” to some of our biggest supporters:NASA                        Microsoft                     Underwater Sports                        Boeing                                 DivaEspresso     University of Washington                    FORD                            University of Michigan                      Sears  Rotary International                         University of Saint Louis                       Vitality Specific Chiropractic  Event Logistics of Washington                 Serena Software          Cypress Semiconductor

The Rotary Club of Shoreline & the Rotary Club of Vellore India

Thank you Sam’s Club / Walmart for sponsoring the Exercise Partners Program in over twenty five cities, finding volunteers who help paralyzed people to exercise weekly.

Names have been changed to protect the guilty and the innocent.

Why I wrote this book

I was told by the experts my mind was not good enough for college. Today I have a college degree and I graduated with honors. The experts told me my body was no good when I broke my back. On bad days I can not walk or get out of bed; on good days I can ride my bicycle a hundred miles. Over the last two and a half decades I have traveled and told my story to thousands of people. You all have asked me to write a book . Last year my book draft had reached over a thousand pages. This book is a brief overview of that thousand page manuscript. Many of these chapters will become individual books over the next few years, so let me know what you want to read about next.

It is my hope that these stories will motivate you as it has the thousands of people who have heard the stories told by me in person.

A few months ago I met an author, Black Buffalo (Ray Wilson) who was speaking at Philadelphia Church in Seattle. I had read his books and heard him speak before. On his way out I spoke to him about writing and he encouraged me. Black Buffalo prayed with me and told me that I should write my first book NOW. You hold in your hand the first edition of my first book “Get STARTED-don’t quit!” Thank you for reading this book.

Please feel free to let me know if you catch any errors in the book emailing it to me.

monty   AT or call (206) 250-5639

You can write to: Monty K Reed 3411 Alaska Road, Brier WA 98036 USA

The LIFESUIT Robotic Exoskeleton: the gift of walking (from chapter 1)

The organization now includes doctors, nurses, therapists, engineers, technicians and high school and college students. Most of them work together at the Seattle headquarters facility that has just expanded to ten thousand square feet. There are several sites around the country and in other parts of the world where researchers are working to advance the technology of the LIFESUIT robotic exoskeleton. They Shall Walk is a non-profit medical research organization committed to developing technology that will improve the quality of life of paralyzed people. The LIFESUIT is the main project; however it is not the only one. 

They Shall Walk is also developing other technology such as integrated robotics systems that help around the kitchen, the home and the workplace. Other technology is being developed to help patients transfer from wheelchairs to the LIFESUIT and back and forth to a seat, a commode, shower, desk chair or a bed. Other simple therapy devices are being developed as well that include passive exercise for single joints. Anything you may could imagine or read about in science fiction that could improve a paralyzed persons life you may hear about at They Shall Walk, all we do is make science fiction real. 

The LIFESUIT has a joystick controller allowing anyone who can drive a powered wheelchair to drive a LIFESUIT. If the FDA approval process cost is similar to the two-wheeled balancing wheelchair it will run about twenty million dollars before paralyzed people in the United States will be able to use this system here. We are raising that money and you can help by making a donation or volunteering your time as an attorney, paralegal, doctor, therapist or a nurse. Other countries have already tentatively approved the LIFESUIT therapy and people will be able to travel to places like India to learn to walk again. They Shall Walk has formed a partnership with a teaching hospital medical college in India. Through this partnership, They Shall Walk and the college estimate that only $250,000 needs to be raised to facilitate the installation of the first LIFESUIT. Additional LIFESUIT will be added for approximately $100,000 per therapy device. Each LIFESUIT could service twenty or more patients each week. 

The next step will be delivering the LIFESUIT to the world with the new twenty thousand square foot Institute facility in Seattle. It will take approximately $14 million to get set up and will allow the distribution of the LIFESUIT with more research internships and research jobs. After the therapy model is installed at one thousand sites around the world, They Shall Walk will focus on delivering the home use model that can be used around the house and the workplace. Eventually there will be an everyday model that will be a complete optional replacement for the standard wheelchair. 

They Shall Walk has developed a hybrid system that incorporates the best of the the wheelchair and the LIFESUIT exoskeleton together. A paralyzed person can drive the LIFESUIT wheelchair around and when they come to an obstacle or they want to walk for exercise they simply push a button and the LIFESUIT stands up and the wheels fold up like landing gear. When they are ready to roll they push another button and the wheels deploy and the system converts back into a wheelchair. The home use model is the best of both worlds, people will have mobility and passive exercise based therapy at the same time.

All they need to do is exercise and live their lives while they benefit at the same time….. 

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (shortlink for twitter and facebook )

I read a book lately called The Book Thief. It takes place in Germany during World War 2 and is narrated by Death. He is very busywith the war and all but feels compelled to share the story of a girl that is relocated during the war to a foster family. her name is  Leisel.

This book is in the Young Adult genre but I feel it is appropriate to any age. Leisel learns to cope with the war and other events around her by turning to words…books. She gets her hands on them however possible!! There are many images that will stay with you long after you have read the book as the events in this story did happen to the people in Germany and elsewhere during the war. One learns of friendship, the power of words, compassion and how to cope with the horrors of this world we live in. I give it an A+ and recommend it to all. (My sister, who reads as much as me, says “its the best book I’ve read all year”)

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Other reads from Markus Zusak

I Am the Messenger I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak
The Book Thief The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
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The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly

The Fifth Witness by Michael Connely (shortlink to this post for twitter and facebook

Another novel about the Lincoln Lawyer. While Michael Haller and associates keep busy doing foreclosure cases one of their clients gets accused and arrested for Murder. Mickey doesn’t know if she is guilty or not but sets up to give her the best defense possible. He meets many obstacles as usual but always overcomes. Love these characters and the story is gripping and enjoyable.