An Eight Mile Bike Ride on the Interurban Trail in Lynnwood

For some of you who have been reading the blog a while you know I am recovering from a broken back that happened in a parachute accident over two decades ago.  I have constant pain and partial paralysis that comes and goes.  I used to be a distance runner and loved it.  The partial paralysis put a real damper on the running because I would fall a lot.  My solution has been to swim, ski and bike instead.  This is a blog entry about the Test Pilots Journey in rehab with a bike.

This ride was great.  I do not recommend it at night like I did because there are several portions of the route that are unlit.  The night ride is particularly dangerous at the street crossings because of the posts that come up out of the ground.  I have pretty good night vision because of the years in the Army Rangers walking around in the night without any lite.

I mapped it out in Googles maps section but had trouble when I tried to save it.  I hoped to install a link to the map here but since it is not working I will give you the grids and you can put it in.  Be sure to click the beta bike route section in the google maps.

Map info: Start at Black Angus Steakhouse 20102 44th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036-6743

Finish at: Shoreline Wide Shoes 7621 Lake Ballinger Way, Edmonds, WA 98026

One of the best rush parts is the tunnel just south of 220th.  If you are going south like I did you will want to be careful at 236th because the trail ends and turns onto a road with houses cars and mail boxes.

Stay left and follow the road along the lake.  After a straight section you will stay with the main road as it slowly turns ninety degrees right.  It will put you out onto 241st and 76th ave w where you will turn left and begin the climb up to 244th (if you cross the road you will be in Shoreline and the same road is called NW 205th street.)

Then turn around and go back.  If you are there during the afternoon or evening you can stop at Big E ales for a drink and some food.  They always have some good grub.  For the best experience in brew try the sampler of seven different beers.  My favorite is the Scotch Ale combined with any of the burgers and fries they have.  Just what you need after an eight mile ride.

I am getting ready for the 4th annual They Shall Walk and Roll a thon on the Shoreline Interurban trail the last Saturday in October.  October 30 2010 at 9am.  There should be about 1100 people there this year.  A car show is a new attraction and many of the businesses all along the Interurban trail will be set up with ‘trick or treat tables’ giving away goodies.  The costume contest was one of the funnest parts of the event.  Raising money for a non profit medical research charity is the bonus that tops off the whole event.  Give the gift of walking.

Diva espresso will be giving away coffee and pastries, Ivar’s is giving away clam chowder to the first 500 people, Ford is giving away a Ford Escape Hybrid, and there are tons of other prizes for participants: Wheelchairs, bikes, skates, strollers, skate boards, scooters, roller-blades, unicycles, and walkers and rollers of every type are welcome.  $25 suggested donation with no minimum fee.  pre register by sending your name and shirt size to the email address:  monty  at
more information on the website

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    What a fantastic event. Its so important to raise money for good causes.


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