Man it was cold this morning and the furnace was not working.

Man it was cold this morning and the furnace was not working. Many paraplegics and quadriplegics know how cold we can get.  Even though I have recovered most of my functions because I was an incomplete quad I still have painful cold spells with my left leg.  It very often feels like it has an ice pack sitting on it.  When it is cold, I am really cold.
I called ASAP heating and air conditioning and they were on the way.  It was 35 minutes before they arrived but it seemed like it was faster.  It was so cold people could see their breath in the room.
When the service tech arrived he was in uniform, clean cut and very well mannered.  He quickly got to the furnace and inspected them both.  The office has two roof top models.  He had the furnace filters with him and was able to change those at the same time.
He got the furnace cleaned and back on in no time at all.
Everybody in the office were so happy.
There really were no hidden fees, and no charge for this emergency.  I have heard it so many times when people have said “Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part”  I did not plan on the furnace not working it just did not. They got it done for us.  Thank you.
Hooray for ASAP heating and air conditioning
ASAP Heating and Air Conditioning Comfort is just a phone call away! 425-825-1540 (Eastside)
206-398-1540 (Seattle)  1-877-850-4328 (Toll Free)
No Hidden Costs! Because we know your busy, ASAP Heating has no additional charges for Saturday installation or emergency service appointments.
Monty K Reed, Founder They Shall Walk
NEW Address: 6266 13th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108 USA (206) 297-WALK

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