Webb’s Bacon ‘n Bleu Burger at Snoqualmie Summit

Have some amazing food at Webb’s. (quick link for this blog http://theyshallwalk.org/?p=112 ) I have been there a couple of times and the [pulsa aquí para español /click for Spanish] Bacon ‘n Bleu Burger is the best,  it is all I have ever ordered.   I like to mountain bike and Snoqualmie Pass is close to the lab (54 miles) so I can drive up there and get on my bike and ride.  I used to love to hike and run but since I still have partial paralysis in both my arms and legs that comes and goes, biking makes more sense.  Instead of falling down when a leg or arm goes out I just have to work harder with the limbs that are still functioning.

I love SnoqualmieRetreat.com because it is so close and a great getaway all year round.  After mountain biking and getting a work out in the spring, summer and fall I can hit the hot tub and then head over to Webb’s and get the best burger with bacon and blue cheese I have ever had.  The cross cut french fries are a bonus and the view is amazing.

Webb's Bacon Bleu Burger and a View.

In the winter the skiing is great.  From the West summit I can ski to central and this season the East summit will be open too.  After a few hours of ski runs I will be heading back to Webb’s for a few dozen Bacon ‘n Bleu Burgers this winter.

The summer hours have been extended so when I am on a mini retreat at the snoqualmieretreat.com I will be droping by Webb’s,  I might even try some other items on the menu.

Summer Operating Hours – Now Extended!

Thursday: 11am-9pm (dining); 2pm-11pm (bar)
Friday: 11am-10pm (dining); 2pm-11pm (bar)
Saturday: 7:30am-10:30am (breakfast buffet)*; 11am-9pm (regular menu), bar opens at 1pm
Sunday: 7:30am-10:30am (breakfast buffet)*; 11am-8pm (regular menu), bar opens at 1pm

*Come on in and enjoy our new breakfast buffet on weekends, complete with an omelet bar! $12.50 per person.

(425) 434-7669 ext. 6809

Monty K Reed, Founder They Shall Walk http://www.facebook.com/TheyShallWalk
NEW Address: 6266 13th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108 USA (206) 297-WALK

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