Thanks Giving for the Gift of Walking

I am so thankful that I can walk again after being disabled by a parachute accident.  As I sit here my back is screaming at me because sitting causes more pain.  It is uncomfortable and irritating.  However, since I can now walk I am NOT complaining.

Every day while I am awake I am usually in pain.  I do have times when I am not suffering and others that it is so bad I can not get out of bed.  I keep moving forward.

I am thankful for family and friends.  I am so glad that I have friends that I can talk to and share fun times with.  After visiting other countries I am very glad I am here in the USA where I have choice and freedom.  More and more the rest of the world is opening up and being able to share and enjoy more freedoms that we do here in the US.  I am thankful that the world powers are getting with the times and allowing for more freedom to the people.

It would be wonderful to be able to have a meeting with each one of the world leaders and get them to agree that freedom should be the standard.   More and more it is happening.

I am thankful for our grocery stores that are so full.  I had a  friend in high school whose family had escaped from the USSR and she told me the thing she loved most about America was the food at the grocery stores.   She would just stand in the produce section of the grocery store and look around and smile.

I am thankful for our sponsors: and the