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Taking a mini retreat at is easier than you would think.  Just 54 miles from Seattle it is one of the easiest places to get to and feel like you are away from it all.  (Short link )

A friend of mine described there recent stay there like this.  “We were driving on the freeway, the road was clear and as we exited at the West Summit it was like driving into a winter wonderland.  The gas station was covered the pancake house was covered in snow, snow everywhere.   It was great, we took a Jacuzzi, sat by the fire and just enjoyed being in the snow and having a luxurious place the stay.  It was a great opportunity to get away from it all and relax, and it was so close to the city.”

I love the Snoqualmie Retreat, especially now with all of the snow.  You can walk to the lift and ski back to the house when you are done, get in the hot tub and relax next to the fire with a book.  I can literally be sitting at my desk in the lab, decide to go to the SnoqualmieRetreat, book online in a couple of minutes and within an hour be checked in or on the slopes.

The snow just keeps coming down up there and the season will be extended as long as there is snow.  I was surprised to find an opening on the schedule so I was able to book it and stay a few days.  How cool is that.

Walk to the lift from the Snoqualmie Retreat

More Snow, it keeps coming down.

Get some snow now.


For skiing or snowboarding it is one of the easiest places to get to and get back from.  click on the Book It Now button on the website to reserve your stay at the Snoqualmie Retreat now.

Check out the webcams to see the snow in real time.  If you are hungry and you want a Bacon Bleu Cheese Burger the place to get it is at Webbs











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